Send2cgeo is a script available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser. It allows you to send geocaches directly from your desktop browser to c:geo on your phone.

How to install send2cgeo

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Important Notes/Disclaimer

No personal data (except your browser name, your device name and geocodes) will ever be stored on our servers. This service does not use any password and you will never be asked to enter any of your passwords for it.

This service comes without any warranty and might be unavailable sometimes (e.g. due to server maintenance).

While the import function in c:geo is activated, it transmits about 5kb of data over the Internet per minute! Beware of this, if you are on 3G and don’t have a flatrate.

How to install send2cgeo


The send2cgeo script supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported! You need to allow cookies to be stored in your browser in order for the script to work.

Script installation:

Registering browser and device

How to use send2cgeo

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