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c:manager spam notice!

Liebe c:geo Nutzer!

  • Gerade erreicht uns die Nachricht, dass eine Spam-Mail im Umlauf ist, in der um Beta-Tester für ein neues Tool "c:manager" geworben wird.

    Diese Mail ist nicht von uns!
    Eure Mailadressen sind uns auch gar nicht bekannt.

    Im Anhang befindet sich höchstwahrscheinlich ein Schadprogramm!!
    Bitte diese Mail auf jeden Fall ignorieren und umgehend löschen!

    Bitte diese Meldung gerne mit Freunden und Gruppen teilen.
Dear c:geo users!

  • Just now we got a message, that a spam mail is out there, advertising a new tool called "c:manager" and asking for beta testers.

    This mail is not sent by us!
    We do not even know your mail address.

    Some malware is attached to the mail!!
    Please do not open it and delete it right away.

    Feel free to share this alert with your friends and groups.
Known Limitations/Bugs:
  • Live map:
    Approximated coords due to limitations on the GC-website
    Be aware: If navigation is started directly from live map it may also use the approximated coords!
    In fast mode the cache type might be wrong in rare cases
    Fast mode only detectes Tradi, Multi, Mystery, Event caches
    Waypoints on map might disappear when moving the map
    (Workaround: Increase waypoint limit in settings)
  • Other:
    Log images with huge size will cause a long loading time

Permissions for c:geo

  • Write External Storage

    Saving and reading images to SD card
  • Internet

    Downloading and sending data
  • Wake Lock

    To keep phone running while displayed map or compass
  • Fine/Coarse Location

    Get actual location to find caches around or distance and direction to selected cache(s)
  • Control NFC

    To be able to beam caches to other devices

Permissions for calendar plugin

  • Read Calendar

    Get names of calendars to let user select to which add event cache (only when activated relevant option in menu)
  • Write Calendar

    Add event cache (Event, Mega, CITO) to your calendar when (only when activated relevant option in menu)