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Last changes

  • Fix: Hardware acceleration is unreliable on some devices
  • Fix: Return correct error message if a cache is unpublished
  • Fix: Better icon for navigation menu in cache details
  • Fix: Reloading captcha was not working
  • Fix: Minor layout corrections
  • Fix: Avoid crashes after screen rotation
  • Fix: Hardware acceleration is unreliable on Android < 4.2 and on some devices
  • Fix: Recognize new date formats on
  • Fix: Date for event caches are not available in search results
  • Fix: Favorite points should not be given to event caches
  • Fix: Force English does not work on main screen
  • Fix: Trackables are not included in search on main screen
  • Fix: Trackables images are too small
  • Fix: Default coordinates format for new installations should be degrees and decimal minutes
  • Fix: Several non-frequent causes of crashes
  • Fix: Hiding owned/found caches on live map
  • New: Option to disable hardware acceleration on problematic devices
  • Fix: Live map on 3.x devices working again
  • Fix: Other small bugfixes
  • New: Show also own logs on friends log page
  • New: Navigate - WhereYouGo will invoke automatic cartridge download in WhereYouGo
  • New: Filter for caches which are not found
  • New: Show "Import from web" also if not yet registered
  • New: Popup list of changes on first start after upgrade
  • New: Android Beam (NFC Sharing)
  • New: Debugging option to save memory dumps on user demand
  • New: Load Greokrety inventory for OC caches
  • New: Autosave caches if user modifies waypoints
  • New: Show recently viewed caches when clicking search icon on main screen
  • New: Add support for
  • New: Improved sorting of waypoints depending on waypoint category
  • New: Have a link to "related webpage" in cache details
  • Fix: Hiding own caches on opencaching
  • Fix: Webcam caches not marked as found after posting log
  • Fix: Archived caches now also hidden if hiding disabled caches is active
  • Fix: Filter invalid characters in GPX files
  • Fix: All caches shown as owned if no username stored
  • Fix: GPX import from mail failing on some devices
  • Fix: Updating cache history should not ask for list to save caches
  • Fix: Speed now always shown in km or miles per hour
  • Fix: USER template now shows the correct username for the site where the cache is hosted
  • Fix: Keep filter active if user switches the list
  • Fix: Cache names with special chars not shown
  • Fix: Improve static maps resolution and scaling depending on the screen resolution
  • Fix: Will attend logs not counted in log summary of OC caches
  • Fix: Improved loading of listing images
  • Fix: Empty personal note not uploaded to
Known Limitations/Bugs:
  • Live map:
    Approximated coords due to limitations on the GC-website
    Be aware: If navigation is started directly from live map it may also use the approximated coords!
    In fast mode the cache type might be wrong in rare cases
    Fast mode only detectes Tradi, Multi, Mystery, Event caches
    Waypoints on map might disappear when moving the map
    (Workaround: Increase waypoint limit in settings)
  • Other:
    Log images with huge size will cause a long loading time

Permissions for c:geo

  • Write External Storage

    Saving and reading images to SD card
  • Internet

    Downloading and sending data
  • Wake Lock

    To keep phone running while displayed map or compass
  • Fine/Coarse Location

    Get actual location to find caches around or distance and direction to selected cache(s)
  • Control NFC

    To be able to beam caches to other devices

Permissions for calendar plugin

  • Read Calendar

    Get names of calendars to let user select to which add event cache (only when activated relevant option in menu)
  • Write Calendar

    Add event cache (Event, Mega, CITO) to your calendar when (only when activated relevant option in menu)