Call for Developers

As you probably know c:geo is an opensource app maintained and enhanced by volunteer developers, which are basically just some geocachers with programming experience. Our source code is available to the public, so everyone can contribute to this app.
While the core team and additional contributors kept c:geo running over last couple of years with great contributions to our code, we recently experience some obstacles we need to solve:

On one hand some long time members of the c:geo team decided to leave the project due to personal reasons, on the other hand we have quite a bunch of rather urgent issues on our ToDo list to keep c:geo running for all of you.
For example we are still willing to try to get onto the official API (if conditions for that are OK) and are in contact with Groundspeak but also for this we need more helping hands in order to even start looking into it. Furthermore many fixes for bugs and feature requests are waiting to be implemented.

To cut a long story short: We need your help!

If you are somehow experienced in Android programming and are interested to help us, you are more than welcome to contribute in whatever way. Please check our development page where you can find all information and links to get in touch with us. Feel free to spread and share this message!

There is no reason to be afraid that c:geo will die anytime soon!
We had such situations also in the past, but thanks to the great community of geocachers we always found a way to solve it and keep the app running and improving over meanwhile 8 years.

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