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This is a prelimiary homepage for WhereYouGo. In fact it is only a subpage of the c:geo homepage for the time being, don’t be confused by that. A proper homepage is not yet existing, you are welcome to help creating it. Just contact us at whereyougo@cgeo.org.

About WhereYouGo

WhereYouGo is an unofficial client for Wherigo Geocaching. It uses offline vector maps, alternatively Locus can be used to display maps.

Current development status

The development of WhereYouGo was no longer continued by the last open source development team. After contacting the original author, the c:geo team has been able to take over the source code to make it available again for the open source community to allow further bugfixing and enhancement of WhereYouGo. In a first step we managed to fix the download function for cartridges, thus restoring the original functionality.

For further development however we need help of the Geocaching community: If you are interested to further improve WhereYouGo and have some knowledge of Java, check out the new WhereYouGo repository or send us a mail to support@whereyougo.org.


If you have problems using WhereYouGo or need any kind of assistance you can contact us on one of the following ways:

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