Live map issues

With the update on 14.02.2012 the functionality used by c:geo for displaying the life map was removed.
That means that the live-map now shows only stored caches.
To get new caches online use 'Nearby' or one of the other searches. c:geo is not affected in any other way. PQ's still works, all navigation, offline and online logs....

In a fast, short and not good online meeting for c:geo people come up with this. Live map will come back, but it will never be the same again. It should be fast with 2 problems.
  • all caches on live map will be inaccurate (+-50m or so), depending on a zoom level
  • type of all caches on live map will be unknown
When a cache will be opened all details can be loaded, including type (traditional, multi, ...) and exact coordinates. Approximate time to implement this is something between 2-6 weeks.
A new version was put on Market with disabling of live map and put notice to users.

For clarification:
  • Groundspeak removed Google Maps. This doesn't affect c:geo! We can still use Google Maps and show data on.
  • Groundspeak removed another data-source, that was seldom used by This is the problem. We can't colve this problem with some greasemonkey script or anything similar. The data that was provided before 14.2. is not gone.

Where can I find additional info

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